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Connor from Unwind free essay sample

Connor Lassiter (the Akron AWOL) is a sixteen-year-old kid whose guardians marked the loosen up request due to his steady battling and getting tossed out of a few schools. His departure and shooting the JuveyCop with his own tranqulizer weapon makes a legend about the Akron AWOL, with stories that keep on getting increasingly detailed with each telling. Connor doesnt confess to being the Akron AWOL until Roland finds it at the collect camp. Connor changes from being an uncontrolled warrior to an individual who contains his fierceness enough to legitimize and see whats covered up in numerous risky circumstances. He finds a sudden dependability to the Admiral, the pioneer of a runaway loosen up camp where he is staying, when they find the assemblages of The Goldens, a portion of the Admirals most loved Unwinds. Risa Megan Ward is a fifteen-year-old high school inhabitant at a StaHo (state home) halfway house in Ohio. She turned into a dependent of the government home when her folks storked her straightforwardly after she was conceived. Risa is an exceptionally talented piano player, however was booked to be loosened up to cut halfway house costs and in light of the fact that the shelter felt she had just met her maximum capacity. During a private gathering with the dean, she feels like her participation in humankind was simply repudiated. Subsequent to experiencing childhood in a shelter, she is intrinsically doubtful of individuals, however within she is exceptionally passionate and mindful. Risa is additionally incredibly brilliant, ingenious, and extreme young lady who can take great consideration of herself. During their break she figures out how to get food, garments, and to escape numerous tight spots. She is entirely proficient about dealing with youthful children and wounds. She turns into a surgeon in the Graveyard as a result of her encounters at the halfway house. Risa sees an incredible change in Connor when she causes him control his feelings and to ponder the circumstance rather than simply battling. Levi Lev Jedediah Calder is, at thirteen, the most youthful of ten kids. He is portrayed as celestial, with light hair and blue eyes. Not at all like Connor and Risa, Lev has a decent connection with his family. They are an extremely strict family and exceptionally cherishing towards one another. Tragically, notwithstanding, as the tenth youngster in the family Lev is an offering, which implies that he is scheduled to be loosened up as a strict penance. Levs family gives one tenth of everythingâ€including their childrenâ€as a penance to the congregation. Toward the start of the novel, Lev comprehends his job as an offering and is happy to give himself for loosening up. He generally realized that he would be loosened up, and comprehended that it was his life reason. On his way to the gather camp, in any case, Lev is snatched by Connor. The occasions which follow cause Lev to scrutinize each part of his life, particularly his loosening up. As the story proceeds, Levi starts to feel that his folks love God more than they love him, which makes him feel increasingly more scorn towards his family for needing to give him. He likewise begins to take things and starts to confide in others. He is likewise demonstrated to be shrewd and decent when he deals a jewel wristband for cash. His fair quality keeps him alive toward the finish of the story. Cyrus CyFi Finch age 15, is presented soon after Lev is isolated from Risa and Connor. His character causes Lev figure out how to rummage for food in the food courts of shopping centers. Very little is thought about him from the outset, other than hes a pleased Umber. Umber is clarified in the book as a word imagined to depict race. The creator of the word was this craftsman buddy blended race himself, a tad of this, a tad of that. CyFi clarifies that the craftsman painted darker skin tones with a paint named Umber, and that it simply stuck. Later on, the peruser discovers that CyFi was initially a storked kid who was taken in by two dads. Dissimilar to Connor, Risa, and Lev, CyFi isn't an Unwind. Or maybe, he fled from his family in light of the fact that the considerations from an Unwinds fleeting projection, which he got after a fender bender, immediately assumed control over his own musings. Since part of his cerebrum once had a place with an Unwind, CyFi sees himself as one-eighth Tyler, the Unwind, and seven-eighths himself. He depicts himself as a progenitor of the Deep South this later shows the peruser the distinction/changing among Cyrus and Tyler. Tyler was Unwound in light of his consistent taking, and we discover that the piece of his cerebrum that is alive in Cyrus doesn't comprehend that he is done living in his own body. CyFis case is strange on the grounds that cerebrum transplants are regularly finished with minuscule pieces from different benefactors. Be that as it may, CyFis fathers took care of a specialist to secure one full bit of the fleeting flap. This aides CyFi keep up his high IQ, yet additionally brings about enthusiastic requests from the benefactor. Cyrus continually battles between the turmoil he is presently managing (propensity for stealing) and acting naturally. Additionally, in view of the bit of the mind he got, he frequently feels Tylers feelings and, on uncommon events, swears he can in reality even observe the kid in the mirror. The Admiral is a man who used to work for the military, giving runaway loosens up a place of refuge in a plane junkyard from the Juvey Cops. It is uncovered that he is in truth Admiral Dunfee, father of the alleged legend of Humphrey Dunfee, a loosen up whose guardians went crazy and murdered the individuals that had their children pieces so as to make him entire once more. In fact, he was a decent, however savage, individual who was resolved to have every individual who got a piece of Humphrey Dunfee in one spot to see his child once more, however not in fact together in one body. Roland is a kid Connor and Risa experience. Roland has a shark tattoo on his arm, and he and Connor conflict on numerous events, since them two like to run things their way and have solid characters. Roland is malignant and doesnt appear to be savvy, however this is really a ploy so as to have things go his direction all the more regularly in fact he controls circumstances so as to get what he needs. He attempted to drive Risa to like him yet fizzled. He was loosened up before Clappers demolished the Chop Shop. In the wake of being loosened up, Connor, not having a decision, gets his arm with the shark tattoo. Connor swears never to contact Risa with that arm, yet Risa doesn't consider this guarantee, saying that it isn't Rolands arm any longer as Roland could never be as kind and delicate as Connor could be.

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Apples Competitive Advantage free essay sample

What truly have been apple’s upper hands? Mac has been in the news since its beginning in 1976 for different reasons from its second PC APPLE ll which ran on the incredible Mcintosh working framework to Apple’s fellow benefactor and ‘soul’ Steve Job’s ouster in 1985 to its emotional pivot in the new thousand years To contend in the oversaturated PC industry Apple needed to think of notable developments in its gadgets every now and then. hile most players in the business attempted to normalize activities and items Apple worried on separating itself from the others by assembling nearly everything all alone. One significant point to be noted was that the majority of the PC makers produced PCs around one working framework that is the Microsoft windows which had a piece of the pie of about 90% at one purpose of time which gave the customers less decisions in light of the fact that the equipment utilized by most PC makers were the equivalent Other than this there is entire part of things that made Apple exceptional. We will compose a custom exposition test on Apples Competitive Advantage or then again any comparative point explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page The outrageous spotlight on UI, effortlessness and configuration made Apple something other than another organization or item in the buyers mind. Apple’s separating focuses begins from the way that it builds up its items in most extreme mystery. In opposition to its size Apple had one of the most tightest product offerings. Occupations had confidence in extraordinary acts of mystery, including a shut entryway approach where representatives can get to certain zones of the organization through key cards. Most organizations utilized Windows working framework and microchips from Intel and a generally open framework that different makers could clone. Apple then again rehearsed level and vertical joining which gave it the double favorable position of noteworthy decrease in costs just as its making its qwn exclusive structures.

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Student Loans To Pay or Just to Save

Student Loans To Pay or Just to Save Student Loans: To Pay or Just to Save Student Loans: To Pay or Just to SavePaying off your student  loans is good, but you dont want to pay them off so aggressively that you dont build up a nest egg.Student loan debt in the United States is no joke. In 2019, the national student debt load is the highest it has ever been at $1.5 trillion. For undergrad students from the class of 2017, the average loan debt post-grad is over $28,000. So the question remains: Is it better to pay off loans more quickly or build up savings?It’s a question new millennials in the workforce face for years after graduating as they hammer away at their debt while simultaneously trying to build their nest eggs. And many wonder if they’re doing what’s best for their financial future.No easy answer.According to Andrew Pentis (@andrewpentis), personal finance expert and certified student loan counselor at Student Loan Hero, this common query does not have a black and white answer.“You might prioritize another financial goal because it makes mo re sense for your situation,” Pentis said. “It could be wise to save for a rainy day if your forecast shows the potential for, say, a stack of medical bills. Making minimum or lower student loan payments could give you the breathing room you need to handle other debt or routine expenses. On the other hand, you might prioritize repaying debt because it will lift the emotional strain.”He suggested looking at the issue mathematically. He posited that if your loans are at a five percent interest rate and you can only get a 2.5 percent APY high-yield savings account or CoD, it’s better to pay off the debt first.As one of her seven steps to paying off student loan debt, Casey Bond (@caseylynnbond) at  HuffPost suggests bi-monthly payments instead of one monthly payment or putting any windfalls or extra income against the debt as well.That isn’t to say that starting any kind of savings is a bad idea. The experts agree that putting funds aside for emergencies should be part of the plan regardless of how much you are putting towards your student loan debt.With well-stocked emergency fund (and a decent credit score) youll keep yourself safe from predatory no credit check loans like payday loans, cash advances, and title loans that take advantage of people who need quick cash. No amount of student debt is worth getting stuck in a spiral of short-term bad credit loans with 400 percent APRs.Prioritize other debt.It’s also important to keep an eye on other types of debtâ€"especially those with higher interest ratesâ€"before tackling student loans head on. If your credit card debt interest rates are higher than your loan debt, it makes much more sense to knock those out first.And your credit cards probably are  more expensive than your student debts!  A 2018 article from CNN Money  found that the average interest rate for credit cards is around 15 percent while the average for student loans is only 2.6 percent.Two of the most popular debt repayment methods are th e Debt Snowball and the Debt Avalanche. If you want to learn more about them, you can check out these posts:The Debt Snowball Method Can Help You Get out of DebtThe Debt Avalanche Will Help You Pay off Debt for LessIf you’re up to your neck in personal debts, it might be worth considering a debt consolidation loan which can help you stay on track financially and rescue your credit score from the certain doom of unpaid minimums or past due balances.Build a nest egg that will grow.When it comes to building your savings, one option is investing that versus simply putting it aside. When paying down debts, it might not be possible to set aside a ton of extra money each week or month, but a little can go a long way if it grows in the market.According to a CNN article from 2014, Mohammad Majd (@CNNMoneyInvest) suggests investing instead of paying down student loans. As with the rest of the advice, it all comes down to simple mathematics.Majd explains his reasoning for investing simply, â €œOne important concept that I came across was Opportunity Costâ€"the notion of quantifying what you give up when you chose one option over another. I asked myself: Why am I rushing to pay off loans with 3 percent to 6 percent interest rates when the SP has historically returned 11 percent?”You can also compromise!So there isn’t an easy solution to this problem. But there are a lot of avenues to decide from. While each individual borrower will have their own idea of what’s best for them, Pentis gives some general guiding advice for  choosing your own path with a potential compromise:“A potential compromise: Be aggressive with your student loan repayment but keep your payment amount at a level that would also allow you to sock away a few extra dollars every month. Then you can work toward achieving both of your goals.”To learn more about how can save more money and take care of your finances long-term, check out these other posts and articles from OppLoans:Save More Money w ith These 40 Expert TipsBuilding Your Financial Life: Budgeting for BeginnersFrom Budget to Baller: 6 Tips to Grow Your Money10 Good Money Habits to Make Your Friends JealousDo you have a   personal finance question youd like us to answer? Let us know! You can find us  on  Facebook  and  Twitter.  |  InstagramContributorsAndrew Pentis (@andrewpentis) is a staff writer covering personal finance for Student Loan Hero. His work has appeared in 30-plus publications.

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Instrumental Music Development Corelli, Vivaldi and Bach Literature Review

Listen to the Corelli, Vivaldi and Bach examples. Using the stylistic features of each, write a summary of the development of instrumental music in the 18th century. Be aware of overall form and musical elements you hear in the examples. Explain the musical terms you use. Instrumental music developed quite profoundly in the 18th Century especially through the music of Bach. Amongst the most important forms of musical development one can identify the fugue, the gavotte as well as the minuet. The 18th century also saw the development of the concerto grosso which also saw substantial changes across the same period which eventually developed into a symphony. Vivaldi perfected the art of the concerto with several named works to that name especially the more famous one titled The Four Seasons where descriptive elements come to the fore consistently. The same could be said of the concertos which Bach wrote and which feature a number of stylistic differences which are also noticeable in for example, the Brandenburg Concertos. Corelli also perfected the art of the concerto with his 12 Concerti Grossi Op 8. Although Handel had by this time given up opera, he still makes use of theatricality in his writing. In the sequence above, how has Handel created a mood to suit this episode in â€Å"Messiah†? The sequence demonstrates theatricality which shows that Handel had not abandoned his operatic roots. The coloratura parts in the piece also demonstrate operatic moods which are immediately noticeable. The sequence contains distinct musical elements to present this information to the audience. Discuss the musical features found in the clearly defined sections of this example. The trumpets announce that Christ has come to the world whilst the shepherds are beckoned by the sound of the flutes. How has Handel used the orchestral writing to reflect the meaning of the text being sung? Hint: there is programme writing involved. The orchestral writing interweaves and interlopes with the sung text in a very original way. Here once again we have the trumpets showing the way to the birth of Jesus and the shepherds represented by the oboes.

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Nclb Thesis - 800 Words

For many poor, minorities, and other disadvantaged groups, the country has not made significant progress toward quality education for at-risk youth consistent with specific provisions outlined in the No Child Left Behind Act, failing the hopes of students and their families. When the NCLB Act was signed into law by President George W. Bush on January 8, 2002, it was supposed to represent a new beginning in providing quality school education to young people who come from low-income families and who have special needs. Its purpose was to close the achievement gap between groups of students in elementary and high schools. However, many school districts across the country are still having difficulties in meeting the†¦show more content†¦Unfortunately, these mandates did not produce the type of results supporters of the law had hope for. â€Å"Rather, they taught educators to see accountability as unserious and political† (Bell and Hess). The law produced false positi ves, resulting in mediocre to poor performances on standardized tests, more public school takeovers and/or overhauling of school districts, controversial teacher reforms, dependence on standardized test preparation rather than classroom-content instruction, and increased academic wrongdoings (e.g., changing of student grades and test-taking fraud). In 2015, Congress in both chambers passed a new education law, Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), designed to fix some of the flaws under NCLB. The ESSA was signed into law by President Barack Obama on December 10, 2015. This law shifted most of the responsibility of education policy and school accountability from the federal government to the states. â€Å"However, the law modified but did not eliminate provisions relating to the periodic standardized tests given to students† (â€Å"Every Student Succeeds Act†). On the legal front, there have been remarkably very few legal challenges to NCLB. However, a few states and s pecial interest groups have tried to get some of the mandates taken out because they were unconstitutional and/or created a financial burden on school districts across the country. OneShow MoreRelatedEssay on The No Child Left Behind Act1440 Words   |  6 PagesAct (NCLB) of 2001 intended to prevent the academic failures of educational institutions and individual students, as well as bridge achievement gaps between students. This act supports the basic standards of education reform across America; desiring to improve the learning outcomes of America’s youth. No Child Left Behind has left many to criticize the outcomes of the Act itself. Questions have risen concerning the effectiveness of NCLB, as well as the implications to America’s youth. Thesis TheRead MoreAnalysis Of No Child Left Behind1368 Words   |  6 PagesUnited States. Historically, â€Å"education (has been) primarily a state and local responsibility in the United States† (The Federal Role in Education 2017). This is why the exact wording of â€Å"accountability, flexibility, and choice† is used in the thesis statement of the act. It is there to reinforce precedent and calm any fears of Federal overreach. But most importantly, the emphasis is on closing the achievement gap, the main focus of the act. This is because, while the gaps have naturally beenRead MoreEssay On No Child Left Behind Act1247 Words   |  5 Pagespolicies is highly debatable. To judge these claims put forth by Paige, we must first comprehend the nature and mechanics of the policies, then use that understanding to appraise his conclusions. For No Child Left Behind, henceforth referred to as NCLB, educational accountability is the cornerstone of the policy. In the name of accountability, standardized tests are administered to students nationwide. The results of these tests are returned to schools, students, and parents for review of which subjectRead MoreOutline Of A Annotated Outline956 Words   |  4 PagesAdequate Yearly Progress A. What is Adequate Yearly Progress? B. What is the issue with AYP and how does it affect education? C. How can we improve and lower the achievement gap and help schools meet AYP? D. Conclusion E. Thesis: We can improve students’ performance by first, knowing what AYP is, how it affects education, and what we can do to help lower the achievement gap and get every school to the AYP requirements. II. Body Paragraph 1 A. What is AdequateRead MoreNo Child Left Behind Act Of 2001 ( Esea )1101 Words   |  5 Pagesachievement gap between students, especially the gap between those from impoverished backgrounds and those from the middle-class. Authorized again under President George W. Bush, the ESEA was given a new title, the â€Å"No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB).† NCLB continued what the ESEA set out to do, which was to close achievement gaps and hold schools to high accountability and standards, but it came with its own caveats as well. It required all students to reach a certain proficiency on their stateRead MoreThe Issue Of Children Born Into Poverty1445 Words   |  6 PagesDraft Paper (thesis) The debate whether children born into poverty are able to transcend poverty? Is a problem this country has tried to solve since public schools were established. Inexperienced teachers are part of the problem for the high drop out rate. A government who fails to fund and implement correct methods in education. â€Å"U.S. Commissioner of education Francis Keppel 48 years ago, wrote equality of educational opportunity throughout the nation continues today for the many to be more ofRead MoreNo Child Left Behind Thesis Essay8348 Words   |  34 PagesSetting Kara Robertson A Senior Thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for graduation in the Honors Program Liberty University Fall 2009 No Child Left Behind 2 Acceptance of Senior Honors Thesis This Senior Honors Thesis is accepted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for graduation from the Honors Program of Liberty University. ______________________________ Shantà © Moore-Austin, Ph.D. Thesis Chair ______________________________ Read More`` Reign Of Error Is American Education For The Lives Of Our Children? Essay1247 Words   |  5 Pagesspecific solutions with detailed plans and recommendations to preserve and improve American education. Ravitch’s thesis is that American public education must be protected against government privatization and that we must work together to improve our schools. I couldn’t agree more with Ravitch. Government involvement in education has negatively impacted education since the passing of NCLB. Our focus has changed from being innovative teachers to cookie cutter teachers. Government officials shouldRead MoreThe No Child Left Behind Act1848 Words   |  8 Pagescollege and the â€Å"Real World†? My Working thesis is that standardized testing should be removed from the school system because it is not testing what children know but teaching them how to test. The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), which was passed Congress with overwhelming support in 2001 and was signed into law by President George W. Bush on Jan. 8, 2002, is the name for the most recent update to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965. The NCLB law ¬ which grew out of concern that theRead MoreThe Ramifications of Government Reform on Education Essay1354 Words   |  6 Pagesschool in most cases cannot afford it. Also, factors such as race, gender, affirmative action, and even language play a significant role in the plight of students receiving an education in America. However, government acts like No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and Common Core curriculums have been put into effect in order to reverse America’s position. They are best understood as tools to bridge the achievement gap regardless of what a child may look like, sound like, or what part of the nation they come

The Mohawk Indians Free Essays

For this project, i choose to write about the Mohawk Indians. These native americans are are group of fierce warriors, where both men and women had vital roles. They were orginally apart of Iroquois Confederation, which included various tribes in the north eastern territory of the United States. We will write a custom essay sample on The Mohawk Indians or any similar topic only for you Order Now They are also one of the most famous and surviving native americans. They were unique and had different traditions. The Mohawks were located in the area, which, now we call New York. This in in the North eastren part of the United States. Altough other tribes resisded in the area, they took up most of the territorty. These Native Americans had many ways to live. There homes, were what we call today longhouses. They were extremely long in the back and were made up of berch and elm bark. To travel the Mohawks had two types of canoes, one made of elm bark which was fast and the other a dugout canoe which could carry many people but was much slower. They also relied on dogs as there pack animals, and in the snow they tied them to sleds to help them get around. The women of the tribe were known as â€Å"clan leaders† because they made all the descions about land and resouces. The men who were Mohawk chiefs made the miltary rulings such as engaging in war. They were only allowed to represent the tribe. There clothing was very tradional. The men wore breecloths with leggings, while woman wore wrap around dresses with shorter leggings. There name, is represented in there hairstyle displayed by men. They mostly had shaved heads except for there mohawks dressed up with feathers or roaches. The women only cut there hair when they were in mourning, and their daily hair was long and in a braid. Childrens roles in the tribes is very different then todays. They went hunting and fishing with there fathers and had plenty of chores. But on the other hand, they did have some time for fun. The girls usually played with there cornhusks dolls, while the boys either played the sport lacrosse or tried to throw a dart through a moving hoop. Mohawk music was based around mainly two insturments. The drums and the flute. The Drums were if not all the time filled with water , mostly to give it a different style and sound. The flutes were used to seduce the women in the tribe, while playing it, it would show he was thinking about a girl. There religion, or more so beliefs were of nature and of everyones sprirt. They belived in wind spirts, the three sisters ( corn, squash, and beans) to help with crops, the thunderer, and the creator twins. The Mohawks are also famous for the myth of the orgin of the rabbit dance, where the native americans used there drums and made a certain sound and all the rabbits came and danced around them. They also known also for there mask making and pottery, the masks they make were so important to them that outsiders may not be permitted to look at them. Just like many other native americans they used bow and arrows to hunt, in battle they used bows and arrows, and clubs and spears. To fish the men used spears and fishing poles. They are so skilled in steaming wood that they made knives and even today the survining members create lacrosse sticks. In conclusion, the Mohawks are a name we know them as, and also there enimies. They were belived to be cannibals but it is not certain. Its said they would eat the warriors there were up against if they won. But they called themselves the Kanienkehaka, or people of the flint. They were a truly restless group and by becoming apart of irqouis nation, they were allowed to thrive and continue there traditions. How to cite The Mohawk Indians, Essay examples

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Refection Paper about a City

Planning is an essential aspect of a city because it determines its liveliness and attractiveness. People across the world tour certain cities in preference to others due to differences in planning. A beautiful and attractive city must have appropriate planning, which depicts the impressive architectural nature of buildings, appealing landscape, spacious streets, and imposing gardens or parks where people can rest.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Refection Paper about a City specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Moreover, proximities of shopping centers, markets, hotels, and residential estates determine the attractive of a city to buyers, sellers, as well as tourists. While some people visit cities to admire the impressive architectural buildings, others tour to enjoy the calming gardens and parks that grace the landscape. Usually, elegance of a city relies on a combination of several factors that relate to planning. Therefore, this essay reflects on planning of Los Angeles city. Los Angeles city is a unique city because it does not meet criterion of a standard and an elegant city. A normal city usually has center or heart where numerous executive offices and prime businesses are situated. However, Los Angeles has no specified center that defines its principal activities since it consists of several neighborhoods and districts that have their own minor cities. Therefore, when one visits Los Angeles, it is exceptionally difficult to locate a center that holds significant economic activities of the city since businesses and executive offices occur randomly across the city. Therefore, it means that, residents of Venice, Hollywood, Chinatown, and Beverly Hills amongst others do not have a central place where they can interact with one other since Los Angeles has no specified center. Unlike other cities, Los Angeles is also unique in that it has no borders that define its boundary and differentiate it from residential estates. Los Angeles is a homogenous city that covers expansive land ranging from residential estates to skyscrapers. Although the majority of the impressive buildings scatter cross the land, some of the buildings are in a perceived center of the city. Additionally, impressive architectural buildings that spread across Los Angeles are quite fascinating be it day or night. During the day, one cannot help admiring attractive and scattered skyscrapers that dominate Los Angeles. Transition between day and night is quite subtle because lights brightly shine on the streets and the entire city making night appear as day. Hence, planning of the city ensured that there was sufficient lighting all over Los Angeles and its environs.Advertising Looking for essay on architecture? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Given that Los Angeles is an extensive city that covers a terrific deal of land such that, one cannot grasp it s size by a single glance. Los Angeles is an extensive city that consists of five counties with a population of approximately 9 million, covering an area of 50 miles by 60 miles. The extensive nature of Los Angeles city makes it difficult for a person to perceive the city from a single point of view. Besides extensiveness of the city, presence of fog, smoke, and smog affects how people perceive Los Angeles. Although it is hard to find the vantage points that give entire view of Los Angeles, few vantage points such as the U.S. Bank Tower, Mulholland Drive, and Gas Company Tower are available. Viewing the city from the vantage points indicates that, Los Angeles is essentially an amorphous and elusive city. Reflection about planning of Los Angeles shows that it is a complex city that is extremely hard to define in terms of its center, borders and extensiveness. Even though the city has impressive architectural buildings as reflected by skyscrapers, its planning is complicated as none c an define its center or borders. Therefore, Los Angeles does not have remarkable urban planning that is integral in defining the status of cities across the world. This essay on Refection Paper about a City was written and submitted by user Ryan S. to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.